Sunday, April 15, 2007

The cure is as bad as the venom

I have never had rattlesnake meat, though I'm not adverse to trying it someday. I know there's a city in west Texas, I think it's Sweetwater, that has a rattlesnake cookoff every year. Apparently, people use this powder made from rattlesnake meat to cure ailments, which can be bad. It can cause salmonella, which is something I wouldn't be excited about catching. Hopefully it doesn't show up on the rattlesnake steaks, especially if I dare try one (I've had gator, which was OK, kinda gamey).

I don't care much for snakes, mostly because so many of them can kill me, and I was attacked by a cottonmouth when I was 11. However, this is more disconcerting for me, because I would normally hope that a snake can't kill me after it's dead, especially if it's trying to make me better.

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Cassie said...

The cottonmouth. I thought it was a water moccasin. I remember that. Robby and Becky's grandpa came out and cut it in half with a shovel or something. You looked really funny when that happened.

And don't get mad at me because I laughed! Remember when I slipped over under the Narrow's Bridge that day when we were little? You laughed at me and then yelled at me for losing all of our donuts. Turnabout's fair play!