Monday, April 23, 2007

For the Greater Good

I had my blood donation appointment today. It was the second time I've gone in this year, which matches the total number of times I went in last year. I need to get one more trip in, at least, so I can say I gave more than last time. If I go three more times, then I will hit the wondrous one gallon mark (I went once in 2005).

I like giving blood. It's relatively painless, doesn't take too long, and it does people good.

Today wasn't the best donation day, though. The assistant who helped me chose a different vein than I usually use, and it ended up drying up on us just over halfway through, which means I ended up not giving a whole pint. I feel bad, especially for the girl, who kept apologizing for giving me a big bruise (she had to keep digging around with the needle to try to get the blood going again and ended up getting blood around my arm, which will leave a pretty groovy bruise, I figure.

I got a couple job applications out today as well; I don't know whether they will lead to any employment, but at least it's up to them to tell me no now.

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Cassie said...

I tried to donate platelets but my iron was too low. No matter what I did it was too low. In a round about way that's how I figured out I was pregnant.