Saturday, April 14, 2007

Did people actually believe them?

North Korea recently said that it would disarm its nuclear program if we unfroze 25 million in assets.

Of course, this is the same nuclear program that they had agreed to not pursue under Clinton's administration.

This is, of course, the same North Korea that has "agreed" to many things over the past few decades in exchange for other considerations, such as food and fuel.

So, is it any surprise that North Korea did not meet its deadline, that it did not disarm its nuclear program?

I have heard talk that we should launch preemptive strikes against Iran since they are developing a nuclear program and they are a member of the axis of evil. North Korea has tested nuclear weapons, they have a program, and they have one of the worst human rights records of the past half-century.

We've invaded for less than this. Perhaps a regime change to stabilize the region and spread western-style democracy would be in order here? Of course, North Korea is a little different than Iraq or Iran, in that they have a republic-style government with millions of their brethren waiting to welcome them with open arms, making the transition arguably much smoother. Oh yeah, and North Korea has no oil, though they do have the USS Pueblo...

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