Saturday, April 14, 2007


While again using the troops as leverage for political purposes, president Bush reiterated that a democratic timeline leads to a victory for the enemy. I somehow think there are several both here and there that are saying "at least the democrats have a plan that leads to victory for someone."

The country is in a civil war, the administration is accusing Iran of meddling in Iraqi politics (because we would never do something like that). The most recent signs of progress, according to the administration, is the protest with thousands of Iraqis demanding the US forces out - a freedom Iraq did not have four years ago. Other things Iraq couldn't do four years ago: Bomb parliament or destroy historic bridges.

The president insists that the surge is going to work, though violence is up, deaths are up, public support is down, the president still has no exit strategy, other than to wait until he's out of office and let the next guy (it'll be a guy; Hillary is too polarizing to win) deal with it.

Perhaps a timetable is what the war needs; perhaps it will galvanize the Iraqis to stand up for themselves, and perhaps it will force the president to listen. He hasn't listened to the people; will he listen to the law (provided it's passed over veto)? If not, then the impeachment option is clearly available. I don't like the "I" word, but I hate the black eye our president's incompetence has given this nation even more.

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