Monday, April 23, 2007

True Colors

I've spent three years at law school, a private law school in Texas. Not only is it a private school, but it's a specialty school - it is a law school, and nothing else. This means that what you know about school is pretty much tied to your activity at school, and what you aren't told, you don't find out. For example, I did not find out until today, 24 days before graduation, that we have school colors. Yeah. Crimson and Gold. Now, you would have little to tell you that based on what you see around the school, but there are actual school colors for our law school.

I think it might not have been a bad idea for us to learn that at some point while we were in school, not just at graduation.


Hann said...

You graduate in -24 days????
Wow Steve, congratulations already. Well done and all the best with the job applications, something just right will come up soon.
I hope you'll post us some photos!!!! said...

What? You expect our school to inform us of something! Oh, Steve, no innocent and naive.

I would have thought our school colors were blue & grey, as that's what is on the letterhead, logo, etc. Oh well. Crimson & gold. Whatever.