Monday, April 02, 2007

So honored

My good friend GTL at Gun Toting Liberal did me quite the honor yesterday. He placed me on his list of five bloggers who make him think. My thanks go to Papamoka, who directed me to the site, where I've had the opportunity to take part in many a great debate.

One of the responsibilities I have as a result of this award, though (much like a chain letter), I have to name five people who make me think. I like this, because it gives me the chance to point people to blogs I read. To be fair, though, I will not include family members (they make me think, but I don't believe in nepotism).

First, I'm going to breach etiquette a little, and point right back to the GTL - I have been the part of a great many discussions on that site and look forward to many more.

Then, in alphabetical order, I offer the following:
2. Bookworm
3. Good Enough Mom
4. Vim and Vinegar
5. War Professor - who has been a bit of an absenteeist for the last several months, but is an excellent poster when she can find the time.

I enjoy everyone on my blogroll, otherwise I would not link to you. It's rather difficult to find a way to narrow the list down, and this list, like GTL's, could easily be different 6 months from now, as it most certainly would have been different 6 months ago. Every one of the blogs above provide well-written positions and unique perspectives that I enjoy reading. They are all courteous, cogent, and congenial, even in disagreement, and many bloggers could take a lesson on rational discourse from any of them.


Bookworm said...

Thank you so much. Your accolade for my blog falls into the "praise from Caesar is praise indeed" category. Since I think highly of your knowledge and analysis at your own blog, I value very much your thinking highly of mine.

Just Wondering said...

If I may, I'd like to associate myself with bookworm's well-articulated appreciation. I feel very much the same.

jae said...

Thanks, Steve. Although honored, I am also quite amused that anyone thinks I can put two thoughts together coherently. Thanks for the vote of confidence ;)

Cassie said...

I'm insulted. Although I don't write about world events; I do write about my son and my pregnancy (when I post at all)which makes me think a lot. Therefore my blog should make you think. What do you think about that?

pfffth! (that's me sticking out my tongue at you!)

Anonymous said...

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