Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Update

It was a busy couple of days at work this week. The staff has a pretty serious report due and an audit coming up, so they were all a little busier than usual. So when I came in yesterday, they had four contracts that needed doing, that had been in the queue longer than they should have been. None of them were huge contracts, but they were contracts that needed to be started and finished. Enter me. I walk in and have the four contracts on my desk, with instructions to get through them before I do anything else. Understand, I've worked on contracts while I've been there, but I've never done a contract alone, let alone four. I was a little anxious, but they're not going to get out of my to do pile if I just look at them.

So I get ready to get to work on the contracts. But before I do, my supervisor calls me in and tells me to knock "this" contract out real quick, because it's got to get out this morning for the guy to sign, since it lapsed and he was on vacation and helping us out by taking the work while he was in a different state than he lives. As I was walking out of the office, my mentor (I guess, I don't ever care for the term "mentor" because of the way it's been buzzworded, but it seems the best term here), stops me and asks me to get a couple things knocked out on *this* contract which needs to be done asap, and could I check on the status of these other two contracts, since it'll just take a minute? So, to recap, I have four contracts that I have to do before anything else, but I have two contracts I have to knock out and two more I have to status check on, and I'm flying solo.

Good news is I made great headway on the contracts, I have final drafts out on two for review by the other party, I have one contract killed (the vendor is no longer in that business), and the fourth is ready for the addendum's first draft. I knocked out the terms and service files for my mentor's contract, which is ready to go, and I got the agreement done on my supervisor's contract.

This afternoon, my supervisor told me she was extremely proud of me and she was kicking herself a little for not dumping so much on me at once sooner. I assured her that I would not have been able to do this two months ago, and that I needed to be able to see the parts of the contract process individually before I could approach it collectively. But it's great to know that I'm already at a point where I can go this alone if need be.

Now I just need to convince them to pay me for this.

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