Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where it all comes in to play

"Trust us."

Because THIS time, we're telling you the truth. Never mind that we were wrong before. Never mind that we told half truths before. Never mind that we said Mission Accomplished with a banner that the WHITE HOUSE made and the PRESIDENT stood behind. Never mind that the stability we were so quick to display with purple thumbs and a torn down statue has degraded into sectarian civil war. Never mind that we continue to cling to the false notion that Iraq supported Al Qaeda on the same day that information directly contradicting that assertion comes to light. Never mind that we didn't mean stay the course when we said stay the course.

This time, we're serious. We wouldn't lie to you. Unless we had plausible cover.

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particleman said...

i just ignore what all politicians say and estimate their future action based on their previous pattern of conduct. i think it's a fair system.