Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He killed himself a bar when he was only 3!

But his kin didn't do quite as well. Nope. Not Tre Merritt. He killed himself a bar when he was five. I still think that's rather impressive.


photog said...

With all due respect to Davy and his kin folk, the thought of a 5-year-old hunting and killing animals with a rifle is disturbing on so many levels. Just image what he'll be able to do with an assault rifle at the local high school when he's fifteen!

Jamie said...

I saw the news video to that. The boy's grandpa looked like he just won the lottery as he was telling the story.

When do you want me to drop off the pretrial book?

Cassie said...

Shouldn't it be "hisself"?

I think people are in too much of an uproar over this. It's not the kids who grew up hunting that are doing the Columbine type killings. I don't know that I'd let my son do it but I'm not a hunter either and I'm not going to flip out when other people take their kids hunting.