Sunday, December 30, 2007

If nobody knows it, is it History?

Almost certainly. And of course, I don't mean nobody; I mean very few people. I mean, show of hands - until this posting how many of you (a) - have heard of the Flushing Remonstrance on December 27, 1657 and (b) - know what it was? I didn't.

But it is undoubtedly a very important moment in the history of what is our Nation. The (really) abbreviated version reads as follows: the citizens of Flushing, New Amsterdam, when told to not allow Quakers into their community, wrote and signed a document effectively saying "screw that! They're people, too, even if they don't believe the way we do." And so the town let the Quakers in.

As I said, that is the very abbreviated version. A more thorough telling can be found here (on Americans United, where I first read about it). And they link to this NY Times Op-ed where they first read about it.

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