Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm tired.

And I need to go to the store. And I need to see if I have to go to another store. And then I have to see if I can finish Christmas shopping.

Fortunately, Gramma made it in safe. She spent the day entertaining while I went to work and put in a couple hours of overtime. Then we went to look at furniture, because our sofa and chair have not just seen better days, but they look like poster children for mandatory furniture euthenasia.

Then we went to dinner, and had some decent Texas Barbecue. It wasn't the best I've ever had (Old Tyme Pit Bar-b-q holds that distinction), but it was all right. We ended the day by driving around passing houses with Christmas lights while the children ignored them and made louder and louder inane syllabic sounds to nobody until Dad lost his patience and made everyone go home and brush their teeth with the nasty toothpaste that isn't really as bad as the kids play at it being.

Now I need to go to the grocery store. We need cereal and sandwich fixins. And at some point I'm going to have to locate a place to sleep.

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Kirsten said...

Of course, when we head home from daycare or any other evening activity, they beg and plead to see the lights and point out all the lights that see.