Monday, December 10, 2007

I know I'm offended.

There's a bit of a story in Texas because of the TEA's forcing the resignation of the science curriculum director over sending an e-mail mentioning the discussion by a proponent of intelligent design.

Apparently the state's education commissioner was obliged to defend the actions of the TEA. You see, he was concerned because what Chris Comer (the former science curriculum director) wrote could be construed to mean that evolution was the position the TEA was taking as an agency. He was also concerned, because, as he says in the Dallas Morning News "We teach evolution. It's part of our curriculum. But you can be in favor of a science without bashing people's faith, too."

I can see the grounds for concern. After all, when a person writes "FYI," it just screams bible basher. FYI being the only three letters she wrote on the e-mail that ended in her resignation. This is ridiculous.

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