Sunday, December 23, 2007

So nice

So on Friday, we decided to go out to dinner. We ate at James Coney Island, which is a Houston institution. I like the chili cheese coneys; the wife tolerates the hamburgers, and the kids get to have fun not eating whatever they decide they want to watch get cold on their plates.

Then, after dinner, we had to stop at JoAnn fabric, so that Gramma could get some sewing stuff (I can't get any more descriptive than that, as all sewing stuff if "sewing stuff" to me), and the kids could run around on the sidewalk getting themselves nice and tired. But we weren't quite ready to go home yet after that. So we decided to go shopping for furniture. We had more or less intended on just browsing, as we have done at so many other stores, and The Dump was a place that had tons of sofas. We searched through the store, and managed to find a sofa-loveseat combo that the wife and I both didn't dislike. It's actually very comfortable, with firm fabric, and a nice neutral color, not to mention it was about 40% off. So, at about 8:45 on Friday evening, while so many people are getting ready to go out and par-tay; the wife and I were finalizing the teflon protection on the new living room furniture that was to be delivered today - between 9 and 3. Of course, we expected the delivery to come at 3, so imagine our surprise when the phone rant at 10, saying they'd be here in about 30-45 minutes.

The furniture is still comfortable, a bit larger than we remembered in the store, and we have all had a really sitty morning.

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Jamie said...

I really like The Dump. The bf got a really nice looking kitchen table from there.