Sunday, December 02, 2007

Watch out for a Government that tells you what to think

I was looking at Americans United today, reading the blog as I do a couple, three times a week. I found this article by Rob Boston rather interesting. It notes that an official in the Texas Education Administration (TEA), a director of science curriculum was fired. It's not so much that she was fired that is the issue. Rather it's the reason she was fired. She sent an e-mail. Not porn. Not profanity. Nothing critical of the President. Nothing critical of the education system in Texas.

No. What she did was far more heinous. She sent an FYI e-mail about a presentation by one of the co-authors of the book "Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design."

You see, this book is critical of the entire Intelligent Design movement. And we can't have science officials sending e-mails that might look like they don't endorse Intelligent Design here in the Great State. Or, as senior adviser on statewide initiatives for the TEA Lizzette Reynolds put it, "This is highly inappropriate. I believe this is an offense that calls for termination or, at the very least, reassignment of responsibilities."

Essentially, Ms. Reynolds had a big hand in Chris Comer's termination because someone offered an opportunity to view an opinion that did not match what she wanted.

I still stand by my assertion that I want religious education to come by my religion of choice, not from some government approved line feed. It troubles me that there are so many in this country that want the government to tell them what religious aspects they should believe. But it doesn't surprise me. And that's the shame of it all.


Just Wondering said...

This story simultaneously provokes outrage, but very little surprise. And that's just sad.

Cassie said...

The municipality I work for is now hiring for assistant attorney!!