Thursday, December 20, 2007

Interesting Concept, but no

Dallas has an Institute for Creation Research. They are, as the name implies, an entity dedicated to Creationism. They believe in it, and teach it. As such, they reject the concept of evolution.

Now, because they are a Creationist outfit, they are, of course, interested in getting Creationism into the schools. The spin is that this time, they are not pushing to get this in primary school, but rather, they wish to push this concept as a Master's Degree Program - complete with requiring students to "profess a faith in the literal translation of biblical Creation." Of course, what this really is is an attempt to legitimize the concept of teaching Creationism in schools, as state support would make it "real." Apparently, this is because the Creationist's grasp on their own faith is so tenuous that they cannot believe in it without the support of the Government. Or at least, it's because they need to foist their beliefs on everyone in this Country, and getting the support of the government in one manner is the first step up the Theocracy staircase. Whatever their agenda is, it's wrong.

Now, I have no problem with Creationism. I tend to believe it myself. But, not everybody does. And it's not scientific. It's faith-based. And when you are dealing with faith and religion, I think that is a personal matter that needs to be kept as far from Government intrusion as possible, so that people can reach whatever conclusion they want. And to adopt a Master's Program on Creation Science, while a clever idea, as a Master's degree carries somewhat more weight than an undergraduate degree, is still wrong.

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