Saturday, December 01, 2007


I've been rather busy today. First off, I got up early. This isn't so much an accomplishment as a force of habit. I don't know that I could sleep in if I wanted to.

So we got to work. The wife took They Boy out for breakfast while I went to the gym for the first time in 2 months. I feel bad for not getting in, but the only time I can really schedule a trip is on the weekends, and since I started my job, those have been booked pretty solid. I know I'm making an excuse, but I think it's a legitimate one. Anyway, I found out I weigh essentially the same (about a 1/2 - 1 pound difference) than I did before my sabbatical, which really made me feel good, and I got a decent, though not great, workout, because though I haven't gained weight, I have lost cardio fitness.

Then I got home, and we had to take the wife's minivan in to get checked out. There have been some problems recently, and we've needed to get it in, and today was that day. So we loaded the kids in the minivan and the wife followed me in my car to get hers to the car guy. When she got stuck one red light behind me, I decided to stop at the hardware store and get a new dryer hose so that we could perhaps have clothes dry in less than 3 hours. I approached this with some trepidation, due to my last encounter with the demon dryer, but it had to be done. So I got the hose and pulled into the car shop just as the wife was calling me to figure out where I was, as she already dropped her car off (I only lost about 4 minutes, so it wasn't a long detour). Then we went to the grocer to buy some pizza rolls and coke (because while I'm trying to get in better shape, I'm not trying THAT hard), and went home where there were tasks to be accomplished.

So the wife immediately took a shower. I used this time to get all the kids occupied on random games while I sorted out what I needed to do. First up was the cat litter. I'm not certain, but I'd bet if I actually killed, skinned and sold the cats as "teriyaki" at a 3rd Ward seafood restaurant ("You buy, we fry!"), then 3 weeks later, I'd still find myself changing the litter box. Now, to be fair, I wouldn't kill or skin the cats, and I wouldn't sell them to a seafood restaurant unless I got a pretty good offer for them, but you get the idea. After changing the cat litter, I had to sweep the area so that I could move the dryer out to accomplish The Feat. I managed to change the dryer hose with a minimum of swearing (actually with nary a curse), and, being the multitasker I am, I managed to take out the pizza rolls, serve them, and place the new batch in the oven at the same time. Then I went upstairs and glued one of the broken crossbeams on the Apple's bed. As soon as I got this taken care of, the second batch of pizza rolls were done, so I put them on the plate for the kids to attack, and discovered that the Wife was getting out of the shower (this suggests that I finished quickly, not that she showers slowly).

After we picked up the wife's minivan, which we will have to take back in next Saturday, because they needed to order the part and we need both cars, we got home and I got to refill her tires, which have been running low on air for a couple months. They didn't need much air, but they did need air. Fortunately, the Apple decided to come out and help. Unfortunately, he decided to come out and help with no pants or underwear on. Fortunately, after I sent him back in, he did a giggling jig and ran off. Unfortunately, he didn't go right back in the house, instead he stood next to the patio gate and played until I checked on him and sent his giggling naked butt inside.

Now we're just biding time until dinner. I'm ready for bed.

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