Sunday, February 03, 2008

Right up there with the best of them

One of my favorite Super Bowls ever. Wow. Nail biter, all the way to the end.

Giants have now won both of my favorite Super Bowls (42 and 25). Ironically, I rooted for them in both games, but I would never refer to myself as a Giants fan.

Plaxico Burress (Michigan State Spartan) caught the game winning touchdown with 35 seconds remaining, after Randy Moss caught the go ahead score for New England with about 2:30 to go. Amazing game. Can't say enough.


nuje said...

This has to be the best play ever in Superbowl history.

Steve said...

Yeah, that was phenomenal. I hope it gets named something simple, like "Third and 5."

Everyone will know it, like The Immaculate Reception or The Drive