Sunday, February 10, 2008


So the Boy has an ear infection and strep throat. He should be over the contagious stage at this point, but it's still not fun for him. He's never been one to get sick much, and it really knocked him for a loop to have to miss the better part of two days of school. He's pretty much back to his cantankerous self though, which is good, as we're going to be lunching with Photog and his wife. We always enjoy spending our second Sunday with them, as it's chock full of good conversation and endless entertainment from the young'uns. Today we'll be eating at Freebird's, a restaurant that I've never tried, but what sounds to be an excellent choice. The Princess has her pigtails out in full force, and the Apple has been asking continuously when we'll be going to see the Photogs.

I'm excited.

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