Friday, May 09, 2008

Pot Heads

Kids are enterprising, when they want to be. When The Boy was three years old, he fashioned a makeshift ladder out of shelves and a sit 'n spin to be able to reach the top of the armoire upon which we put his toys in time-out.

Now combine the ingenuity of a child with the mental power of your average pothead. They want to smoke their pot, but apparently are bored with the puff puff pass approach to getting stoned. What could be better? I know! Let's use a bong! OK, now, what can we use for a bong? An empty Pepsi bottle? A flashlight casing? No, those things are too hard to come by. Instead, let's dig up a grave, steal a skull, and use that for a bong. Not surprisingly, the teens were charged, according to KPRC news in Houston.

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