Sunday, March 01, 2009

Will They Ever Learn?

Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative Talk-Show host with a lot of pull. He apparently thinks pretty highly of himself, as Papamoka points out.

To get a snippet of the talk-show host's speech, particularly the great line, "One thing we can all do is stop assuming that the way to beat [the Democrats] is with better policy ideas," go to Andrew Sullivan.

Yes, Americans don't want their politicians to come up with good policy ideas - that would be absurd.

This, my friends, is the loudest voice on the Right.


DB said...

I am torn on this issue. The louder he becomes, the easier it is to pin him as the face of the GOP potentially turning away many potential voters (part of their exclusion practice anyways). On the other hand, it is possible that the GOP can rally around him. Sad thought actually.

Just Wondering said...

Taylor Marsh had a post up on his appearance at CPAC and how utterly uncomfortable he looked - sweating profusely, rambling, etc. I think if the regular Republicans would just show up and take the party back from posers like Limbaugh and Coulter, we would be better off as a nation.