Sunday, March 29, 2009

But Does it Work?

When we lived in San Angelo ("where weeks feel like years"), we had a little piece on one of the news channels occasionally called "But Does it Work?" In the vignette, they would test various As Seen On TV products to see if they were as advertised. The one I remember watching was for the BaconWave - a device used to cook bacon in a microwave.

The same question could be applied elsewhere, however, particularly to the question of whether Torture leads to usable information. The answer, at best is "sometimes." And I'd be willing to bet that it's less often than that. We know that it did not work on at least one instance (H/T to DB at Inevitable Conflict). The Washington Post article can be found here (courtesy of Andrew Sullivan's fine post on the matter).

But perhaps he was *really* part of the mosaic they were trying to build...

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