Friday, March 13, 2009

Why the Republican Party is in Trouble

It's not because their platform, in and of itself is bad (small government, low taxes, state's rights, etc.). It's because there are so many in the party's authoritative positions that take all-or-nothing approaches to the party - you're either completely with us, or not at all. This exclusionary style would be bad enough, but then to try to connect that polarizing form of politics with religion is beyond the pale.

From the article linked above:
We believe to have 'fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness' for the sake of political expediency, or any other reason for that matter, is to offend a holy God, from whom the blessings bestowed upon this country flow.... For that reason, sir, the Grand Prairie Republican Club holds strong to our Christian heritage and will take no part in knowingly excepting [sic] or promoting any immorality (by attending or promoting your organization) that may hasten the death of the American Government.
Right. God will allow torture, murder, wars based on spurious intelligence, and the usurpation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But damnit, you'd better not let them gays be a part of this country!

Words fail.

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DB said...

This concept of inclusion in politics is so basic, so elementary that it simply astonishes me that the leaders of the party just don't "get it". This utterly baffles me. This extreme "they are the devil" response is typical of the GOP. They don't have to demonize a group of people, members of the party no less, if they don't agree with them. They can find a much more neutral response. It's as if they don't understand how politics actually works.

Ok, time to calm down lol.