Friday, March 27, 2009

Rats From a Sinking Ship?

Another former Bush Administration official concedes that we tortured under the previous administration.

What went on during the previous administration, and to what level of culpability needs to be known. This is what Congress SHOULD do. But they won't. Because when you sweep out from under the carpet, all the dirt comes out. And it's not just the Executive branch that did wrong. It's not just one party who did wrong. And those wrongdoers don't want their dirt out on display. Accountability should matter as an elected official. If you did wrong, cop to it. Demand the others cop to it. Until you do, the self-inflicted wounds of the past 6 years cannot begin to heal.

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DB said...

The truth will come out from more and more people as time goes on. This is too much for someone to have on their conscience. Plus, there are personal vendetta's to be had by coming out against the Bush administration.