Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's less than 3 months in the Obama administration and already Sarah Palin has her Political Action Committee out scouting a potential run at 2012. I don't doubt that other politicians have their eyes on that prize as well, but hers is the only one I know cold-calling in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Perhaps I'd be less concerned about Palin running for President, if she didn't come across as such a train wreck. Much like the previous administration, nothing is her fault - she blames staffers, managers, etc. on anything that doesn't work out immediately in her favor. There are the compulsive lies, the bad ones that don't need to be told. These differ from the campaign promises that all candidates make. These are lies that are told apparently because her world differs from everyone else's. Again, all politicians lie - some recent examples involve not having sex with that woman, cutting the greeting short due to sniper fire, "we do not torture," Read my lips, etc.

Palin in Alaska might work fine. Palin as POTUS? Bad combination.

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