Monday, March 23, 2009

I Hate CSI Miami

Let's play some "what are the odds?"

Clothing that is bullet-proof. That's interesting enough. Getting hit with a bullet and not shifting when running off? interesting enough. Then, getting attacked by a dog that just happens to bite the exact same spot that the bullet hit (so that the fabric would be compromised) and the dog can get a piece off that just happens to stick in the pooch's teeth long enough for the CSI guys to recover it? Sure, why not? Going to the CSI bullet-proof fabric website and finding the designer in the same day as the stabbing? Naturally. Getting in and questioning the designer while the assistant is telling the police to not be on the property, in clear violation of the 4th amendment? Hey, it's the product of the Bush administration. Then threatening to get a warrant to get a client list, after you've already violated the 4th amendment? Maybe the designer's just really stupid?

But when the pictures on the camera of the papparazzi are from the exact same angles as the camera shots from the previous episodes (which were presumably from other CSI's vantage points? Come on!

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