Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time to Relax

This is the first day I've not had to work or travel in about 2 weeks. I'm taking it easy. The wife is taking The Boy to see Coraline, which I have little desire to see, but they're both interested in. I have the Michigan State Spartans game on tv and am pretty much just resting.

I do have work that I could be doing, but my remote server is acting up and I'm not really in the mood to try to drive the Apple and the Princess downtown while I try to get something done.

It's pretty much an open thread, what do y'all want to talk about?

3 comments:! said...

Here's what I want to talk about: I'd like to plan a weekend trip to Houston sometime just to hang out & of course I'd love to see you, Kirsten & the kiddos. Are there any weekends in the coming month or two that would work?

Steve said...

We would definitely be interested in seeing you down here. The kids would definitely love to see you.

At this time, we have most every weekend free except the weekend after next.

I won't be doing any depositions for the near future, which clears us up a lot.! said...

Cool! I wish I wasn't booked until late April. I took on a volunteer political asylum case that I pretty much have to do on weekends, I have an appellate brief due mid-April and various other meetings and family obligations. We'll talk soon. I'll figure something out.