Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All kinds of ticked

Today was registration day. Unfortunately, this becomes a frenzy, as hundreds of students struggle to log in at the same time to a server with limited space to try to sign up for classes with limited room.

I am happy to announce that I am registered for spring semester. I'm pissed, however, to announce that two of the classes that I most wanted to take were unavailable to me as a last-semester student because I didn't have enough hours to register at the start of the day. For whatever reason, the school decided to let students with 79+ hours register starting at 6 am, and not let the rest of the 3ls start registering until 11. This means that the transactional classes that we have available to us - and there are VERY few transactional courses available at "the advocacy school" - were already full by 11:02 when I finally managed to get onto the server. I did manage to get into one transactional skills class, though - so all is not lost.

Additionally, I got into 3 classes that I did want to take, though I had to miss out on First Amendment law because its final conflicted with my National Security law class, which I wanted a little more. That's all right - I got a little bit of First Amendment exposure when I was in Education Law last semester, and I have the general idea down all right.

I mostly just wish we had more transactional courses available to us, so that when the school sets an arbitrary hour requirement not in keeping with general educational credit schemes, we wouldn't be shut out.

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