Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Republicans lose

Dear Congressman,

Congratulations on your election into office. This must be a happy day for you, as it is for so many others who have been elected into office. Now it's time to get ready to work, but before you do, may I say a few things?

First - You did not win this election. The other party lost it, either because he or she was viewed as too deferential to the president or because of scandal, or because the people in your district wanted a change and you happened to be the alternative. Be aware of this every day you are in office, as we have no compunction about voting you out in two years if you don't actively represent us and our interests.

Second - You are a representative. Despite your campaign to be a leader, it is especially important at this point in this administration's term that you act as a voice - a representative, if you will - speaking for those in your district.

Third - This term is about what is best for the country, not what is worst for the president. He is unpopular, and he has us in an unpopular war, but you must use caution in choosing a course of action. Do NOT seek out impeachment, or at the very least not until you have sought out a good faith inquiry into what is going on and attempted other courses of action.

Fourth - Think about why your opponent lost. Avoid the same mistakes. Don't be a congressman for the base, or for special interests, or for lobbyists. You received more votes in the election, but you don't represent just those who marked your name on the ballot; you represent everyone, whether they voted or not. Don't ever forget that. Think of this term as your job interview for your next term, as opposed to a campaign to get reelected.

Fifth - The other party is not necessarily wrong just on general principle. This may come as a surprise, but from time to time, both parties bring good proposals and bad proposals. Consider what is brought to the floor, not who brought it. Your representatives don't like bloc voting. Period.

Again, congratulations on your election into office. May the next two years show you to be a capable representative who serves us all well. If you can manage to do what I've suggested above, then who knows? Maybe you will win the next election, instead of merely being the one who got more votes.

Thank you,
An independent American


janet said...

Wow. Okay, I was going to blog something so similar it's a little eery. Or maybe not eery -- just what EVERYONE in the country is thinking today.

Thanks Steve. Expect a link later on :)

Papamoka said...

Very nice piece my friend. I think your future is very bright in the legal world and the political world.

World, meet my friend Steve, Steve, World.... Lol!