Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mmmm, lunch

I took the family out for lunch today. After studying O&G this morning with little effect, I needed a break, and goign out sounded just about right.

We went to Bubba's, a burger shack on the south side of town, on the beltway. It literally was a shack - the kind of place that is either REALLY good or REALLY bad. Fortunately, it was the former. Talk about good eats. We all got buffalo burgers, except for the daughter and the little boy, who shared a grilled cheese and a hot dog.

The buffalo burgers were good - leaner than beef, with a little more flavor to them - and these were BURGERS - the kind you need to wrap up to eat because they get all over the place. If you're a carnivore in Houston, I highly recommend getting to this place - head west on Westpark Dr from downtown, and just a little before highway 59 - there it is. You'll like it.

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