Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ethically Speaking

I took the MPRE today. It's required of all lawyers that they take and pass the multistate professional responsibility exam in order to practice law.

I'm confident that I got all the informed consent questions right, but as for everything else, I have my doubts. There's a chance I'll be taking this test again in March (though I hope not!)

Anyway, I'm either ethical enough to practice in TX, which has the second highest standard in the country (behind Utah), or I'm not ethical enough to be a scumbag lawyer (scary thought)


Gramma said...

I'm sure you are at least as ethical as any scumbag I've ever met, and more ethical than most. How do you study for a test in ethics? Isn't that like studying for a test in morality? And just because a person knows how to be ethical doesn't mean that person is ethical...

particleman said...

hooray for being unethical! i wonder if my score was high enough to allow me to pratice in any state, let alone TX.