Monday, November 06, 2006

I Want Candy

On Friday, after a week of trying to ration the kids' candy intake and, based on the random candy wrappers left in strategically hard to see locations, failing, the wife and I decided to let them have at it. We figured they could eat as much as they wanted, and when it was done, then they'd be done. So they went to town. They finished two of the three bags of loot they got on Halloween, and a bunch of the stuff they got at school and/or daycare.

I always hear about kids eating candy until they get sick, but I always figured it was a figure of speech. That is, until Saturday, when we found the daughter was, in fact, ill. She was going at both ends, poor thing. I don't think it was due to eating all the candy, but that surely didn't help; anyway, she managed to associate the sick with the candy, and hasn't had any since Friday.

Sometimes, it's ok to have unintended consequences. She's fine now, and a little wiser for the wear. All in all, she's a good kid. All my young'uns are, even when they sneak candy.


janet said...

Steve, I had to laugh at this one. My oldest (10) had the stated goal of eating so much candy on Halloween night that she'd throw up all night.

Now, I'm not sure that's a great goal, but at least she's learning to plan ahead.

Gramma said...

My poor little grandbabygirl. She is such a delicate little flower, and I hope she is all better by now.