Monday, November 13, 2006

Cart before the horse

Last week, we had to register for next semester. It feels odd to me, to register for next semester before this one is even over, perhaps because of the surreal nature of next semester. You see, next semester is my last semester of law school. That's right - I'm going to graduate in six months. So it's a little odd to me, to think that this is the last time I get to register for classes at STCL.

But it also means that I'm not done yet. While I don't fear failing - I should do well enough to not have to worry about that - I don't usually like to think too far ahead of myself because I tend to lose focus. For example, as I'm typing this, discussing next semester, I have TWO payment systems books open on the desk in front of me. Yet, instead of reading them (I justify this by saying I'm taking a break), I'm going to tell y'all what my next semester entails.

I have six classes next semester, though I'm only getting credit in five, and only have finals in three.

First, I have National Security law. This makes sense, inasmuch as I formerly was in the Air Force, and have a vested interest in national security.
Then I have NAFTA. I'm interested in international work, and there are not a WHOLE lot of classes available here with an international tone.
Then there's International Environmental law - see above.
Those are my classes with finals.
Then I have the Bar Pre-view class - to (ready for this?) help me get ready for the bar.
Next is Criminal Trial Advocacy. South Texas is "the advocacy school." It makes little sense to go through law school, especially the advocacy school, without getting some exposure to what trial court life is like.
Finally, I'm taking a transactional skills class in international business. Our school has limited transactional classes, and while I'm interested in international business, I think I'd have preferred the Contracts Negotiation class. Unfortunately, that filled up VERY quickly, and International Business is a more than satisfactory substitute.

Anyway, that's my next semester. Hopefully I'll be singing graduation-type songs in 6 months. Whodathunkit?!

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