Monday, May 02, 2005

Actors that Annoy

It just didn't seem right to have a list of actresses and not have a companion list of actors, so here goes. Same rules apply:

1. Nick Cage - Quite possibly the most annoying actor on the planet. He's got the strangest facial contortions, and it always looks like he's constipated. I really can't stand the shtick he does in (what seems like) all his movies. Though I did like the Rock, it was more for Ed Harris and Sean Connery than Nick Cage.

2. Keanu Reeves - It'd be really easy to explain this away simply to "whoa," but that's selling his lack of talent short. The guy sounds like he's reading his lines to himself (much like a 5 year old sounds when he's reading a script). I think he's one of those "bad actors who somehow gets into decent movies."

3. Leonardo DiCaprio - I'm not quite as adamant about this one. I though he was excellent in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but I've been less than impressed in all his other movies. He strikes me as a "like me because I'm cute" actor who really has nothing more than charm to go by, and not necessarily a whole lot of that.

4. Billy Bob Thornton - He annoys me, and I find him rather creepy. I suppose he's good at what he does, it's just that what he does is annoy me and creep me out.

5. Mike Myers - Mike Myers's "Look at me, I'm being subtle here" thing wasn't funny in Wayne's World, and it's gotten less funny as time goes on. He makes kids movies, which you have to edit because so many things that SHOULD be over kid's heads, but aren't necessarily, are in them. I find him more annoying than Adam Sandler (Who I don't like but won't include on this list) and less funny than Jim Carrey (who I used to like but am losing the taste for), and not particularly witty, I don't think. I guess to sum it all up, I think he's full of himself.

That's all for this one, I'm sure I'll add more to it as I go along.

3 comments:! said...

i agree with almost all these. but i've liked nick cage in several movies (raising arizona, leaving las vegas, adaptation come to mind). and i think he's hot. actually, i probably think that b/c i once dated a guy who kinda looks like nick cage & he was tres hot. and the sex was good (magnums, baby. that's all i gotta say, but that's probably approaching the tmi point).

i also liked reese in election & vanity fair. i don't totally dislike her.

i'd add andie mcdowell to the most annoying list. talk about no range. and she's got that obnoxious accent that never changes. you're southern. we get it. but not all your characters are supposed to be southern, honey.

i think leo was good pre-titanic. the big ego-boost he got from that one destroyed him as an actor. he was much better when he was a skinny, pimply kid playing heroin addicts (basketball diaries) or the developmentally challenged (gilbert grape).

word on keanu. i have no idea how this guy continues to get work. frankly, i don't even think he's all that good looking, but i guess i can understand the appeal. he wasn't horrible in the matrices (is that the correct plural), but i think that was a good role for someone with no acting talent. that and the movie where he played a dumb ex-football player undercover cop pretending to be a surfer. he's got dumb jock surfer dude down.

can we talk faves now? after just seeing hotel rwanda, i have to say that don cheadle is the shit. on the female side, i heart kate winslet.

M.S.H.A. said...

I will agree that Cage has some good movies as well, such as those RHM mentioned, but serious CityofAngels is so terrible...I can not bear to speak of it anymore.

Not a fan of AMcD but I love Groundhog Day, but they could have plugged anyone into that it was all Bill anyway

I hope the Leo dislikers have not yet seen The Aviator, because I really enjoyed it, and he was pretty freaking good in it, and I am a Titanic-forever since disliker (reminds of my ass going numb when I had to take a girl on a date to that thing...God I hate that movie) he does not bother me and Constantine was pretty enjoyable (course that may have to do with Rachel Weisz than him...)

Don Cheadle and the Winslet do kick ass...
For the DC may I suggest the United States of Leland which I liked even though it brings me to the actor I probably dislike most

Chris Klein- This dude makes Keanu look like Ed Norton. He is soo terrible I do not know how he ever did a movie outside one of the Pie films, that and his character sucked so bad they did not bother to bring him back for the last one (or he wanted to much). I mean I swear they re-used reaction shots of his from the movie with LeeLee Sobhfgkjhsalki (I can spell her last name nor do I care to bother to check). In fact I think he is so bad they used reaction shots of him from that movie in others, terrible, I get ill thinking about it, how he ever managed to land Katie Holmes is beyond me...course he does not have to worry about that anymore, dumded and with a DUI hahahaha ahhh sometimes things are amusing...

Steve said...

The good thing for Keanu in the Matrix (I've not seen, nor do I care to see, any of the sequels) is that his part was written in such a manner that he never had to say more than five words. The writers apparently recognized that it's almost impossible for even the most incapable actor to screw up a line with fewer than five words.

I just thought of another annoying actor: Casper Van Dien, from Starship Troopers and whatever other tripe he got cast in.
That man couldn't act dead.