Monday, May 09, 2005

As if I wasn't stressed enough

It's bad enough to have a ConLaw final in less than 9 hours. It's bad enough that I've been somewhat not 100% the last two days (I'm not sick; I'm just not well). It's bad enough that I've not had more than 3 hours sleep either of the last two nights. But I've GOT to have my power cord for the finals. Dell promised me they'd have it here this morning. Or, if not this morning, then this afternoon or tomorrow; the lady was actually quite interesting in retracting her promise.

Now, I should be sleeping (try to be somewhat rested) or studying (last minute cramming can't hurt), but instead, I'm sitting on the home computer complaining to anyone who happens upon this site.

This is rather selfish of myself, using your time to complain about trivial happenings in my life, but I don't do it often, so I think it's justified in this case. I'll be more myself in about 8 days.


English Professor said...

Come on, Steve, you can make it.

Whining is permitted. One thing I've really enjoyed about graduate school is the support we all give each other, whether that's offering a shoulder to sniffle on for someone who thinks that there's just NO WAY that they can pass qualifying exams (which they do), or telling each other that our papers are simply FABULOUS and just need a touch more polishing and they'll be publishable.

So I extend that to you now: Dell will come through, and you will rise to the occasion, you'll dazzle your profs, and eight days from now you'll be sipping celebratory Mai Tais with those who understand.

Bookworm said...

Complain! That's what blog friends are for. When I did law school, there were no laptops (my first computer, at law school, was a 128K Apple Mac!), but I remember thinking what a marvelous idea it would be if we could tap away, both in consolidating notes and in taking exams. I can only imagine, therefore, how frustrating it is to be dependent on Dell to deliver those wonderful tools to you. Have faith and remember, if they fail you, you can still do it, because it's ultimately the intellect that matters and not the tools.

Steve said...

Well, my charger arrived at 12:50. Not bad, considering. Fortunately, I've had enough time to get to class to charge my battery and go over my notes a couple more times.

Rational Basis - Issue must be rationally related to serve a legitimate government interest. Applies to non-suspect classes, economic regulation,

Strict Scrutiny - Issue must be narrowly tailored to serve a compelling government interest. Applies to suspect classes (such as race) and fundamental rights issues (such as marriage, abortion, voting rights, etc.). The reasons for strict scrutiny involve Skepticism, Consistency, Congruence.

Intermediate Scrutiny - Issue must be substantially related to Important Government Objectives. Applies to quasi-suspect classes, gender, alienage, children of illegal aliens.

Then there's heightened scrutiny, which is similar to Intermediate Scrutiny, except that there has to be an "exceedingly persuasive justification" for the government action (According to Justice O'Connor). This one souns like it's applying strict scrutiny standards to an intermediate scrutiny issue; but I'm just a student...

Bookworm said...

Reading that, it makes me wonder why I ever wanted to be a lawyer, and grateful that I practice almost entirely in the State law arena.

Best of luck! Your blog makes it so clear that you know your stuff, both at a straight memorization level, and at a deep comprehension level. You help support my abiding belief that the best law students are the older ones who have experienced the world a bit and attend law school because they really want to, and not just because they don't know what to do after college.

Michelle said...

What, no Weds Haiku? :(
LOL, Just teasing! I know how you feel...been there done'll breeze through!!