Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Contracts Final today

And I couldn't be more excited. There's an eerie feeling about taking a final where the professor has given you all the answers and told you what to say on the test and then lets you take it open book. I've studied; I could have studied harder, or longer, or more, or practiced more, or whatever, but I don't know as it would help that much at this point.

I should do all right on this one; it's contracts.
Here's hoping.

Thanks for the well wishes, all you well wishers out there!


Bookworm said...

No disrespect to your obvious skills, Steve, but what's the point of a final where you know what the questions will be and you also get to use the book as a crutch. Is this simply a timed report, of the kind you'd normally do outside class? That is, is he essentially having you write a legal brief, as you would if you were opposing another party's motion?

Whatever -- best of luck. Your obvious enjoyment of the law is the clearest indicator that you'll do well.

Michelle said...

I hate open book exams...i find them more difficult! It's like multiple choice....grrrrr...i just get confused very easy!
You will do brilliantly!

Steve said...

His rationale for the open book essay is that 1. It's contracts, 2. as a lawyer, you're probably not going to have the answers in your head, so you need to be able to find what you need quickly, 3. His essays are timed in a manner that if you don't know what you need to answer, you're not going to finish in time (resorting to your book = not going to do well on test).

The exam questions were ones that I had to think about; there were two hypos that I wasn't ready for, but the rest I think I did all right. I'll have my JD soon enough!

Thanks for the good luck wishes!