Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Actors/Actresses that I like

The flip side of the coin:

Don Cheadle is one of the more underrated actors, I think. I do think he's starting to get his props, though.

Delroy Lindo (Ransom, Get Shorty) is another good actor who I don't think gets the parts.

I might not like all of her movies, but I think Jodie Foster is outstanding.

Mel Gibson might not have all the range in the world, but he's got a charm and seems to have some humility, which I think is cool.

Salma Hayek. I love Salma Hayek; good actress, beautiful, and fun. Plus, she once said "I'm looking for the man who has more balls than me," which is just cool.

Michael Keaton - I've liked most of the movies he's been in. I think he's got a good range, that many people don't have.

More to come


Michelle said...

Well done, you chose an aussie!

Steve said...

Sort of...
Mel was born in Peekskill New York. He moved to Oz when he was 6.

I do like Nicole Kidman, though. She has actual range, it appears...

M.S.H.A. said...

RHM mentioned Winslet, I would post another brit, Cate Blanchett. I can not think of a movie she was in that I did not like (well I did not see The Missing, and I do not know if I can approve Pushing Tin, John Cusack or no) but she generally kicks ass.