Tuesday, June 14, 2005

All right, I'm officially sick of hearing about the Michael Jackson trial

Not that I wasn't sick about it before, but now that the verdict has come out, it seems to be the only thing the news can talk about. He's a singer. He was charged. He had a trial, and was found not guilty. That SHOULD be the end of the story. Instead, we have roving reporters going to shelters throughout Houston saying "we just hope that victims of child molestation don't stop coming forward." Well, I hope so, as well. However, in this case, it appears the victim lied about being molested. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, even though he was acquitted, Jacko is going to be as guilty as OJ.
The case was going to be a difficult one for the prosecution. It turned out to be too difficult, and thus he walked free. There is no need to post news crews over at his ranch to report on how tired he is.
People have talked about how if it was a poor man, the outcome could have been different. Perhaps. I'm sure, though, that there wouldn't be such a media frenzy if it were a poor person. Shut up and find a new flavor of the week to cover.

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