Tuesday, June 07, 2005

no title

Well, I had my first job interview in about 13 years yesterday. I thought it went fairly well. The lawyer with whom I interviewed was rather nice and approachable. I didn't get the job, though. I'm a little bummed, but not really surprised. I'm glad for the opportunity to interview. Still, it would've been nice to get the 15/hr that he paid. Anyway, I'm going to play the bummed man for a little bit, and then get back on the bike.


Michelle said...

A few more rejections Steve, then you'll REALLY want it!
The right position for you will come along, don't be too keen :)

Bookworm said...

During law school, I probably applied for about a hundred different positions, and got back a whole lot of rejection letters, in all shapes and sizes. My favorite one: "Dear Bookworm, There are many reasons we cannot hire you at our law firm. Sincerely, Hiring Partner." I laughed to hard to be insulted.