Saturday, June 18, 2005

The unforseen dangers of sleeping loudly

If you click here, you will get a link to one of the more disturbing stories in recent days. Apparently, a woman got tired of her husband's snoring and, rather than leave the room or deal with it, took the decisive and well-planned approach of stabbing him with a pen. She stabbed him twice, and then, after he fell asleep again (as is wont to happen in the middle of the night), she hit him with a dumbbell.

Now, perhaps you're thinking, well, newlyweds often don't know about their partner's sleeping habits, and maybe he snores REALLY loud. (I've heard loud snoring before, but I've never heard anyone snore loud enough for me to want to stab them with a pen.) And perhaps that would help explain it. The problem is, this woman is 45 years old. The article doesn't say how long they've been married, but the age itself would lend one to think the woman could use a little more sense.

Lord knows if I ever snore, I'd not want to be awaken by a pen in the chest, or a dumbbell to the head.


heatherfeather said...

yowza... ouch!

while the woman is the certifiably unwell person in the situation, why would the husband go back to sleep in the same room?!

Michelle said...

Wow! I am speechless.

Bookworm said...

Did I miss something? When did you change your blog's name? And what's a Binjo Ditch? I like the new name, by the way -- it's got a nice sound, although I don't get the meaning.

Steve said...

In Korea, at Osan, and various other bases and towns, there isn't a sewer system in the traditional western sense. Instead, they have these stone or cement lined ditches into which everything flows, called binjo ditches. They are pretty wide; a guy I know ended up somehow parallel parking his car in one (it involved alcohol).

I changed the name about two days ago; I thought it'd be a nice change, and a little more personal, given my time in Korea. I'm no longer there, hence the out of part.

Now I'm off to bed, where I hope I don't snore.! said...

my guess is there's probably a little more going on there & the snoring was the final straw. maybe he doesn't pay attention to her. and he slurps his soup. and farts at the dinner table. maybe when they have "marital relations," he only takes care of himself, and quickly, if ya know what i mean. maybe he's an inconsiderate lazy slob. and one day she finally snapped.

or maybe she's just totally nuts.