Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The newest activist

What with all the celebrities these days speaking out on the major issues that plague us, a new star has stepped up to fight strongly for what we believe in: Paula Abdul. She's taking on the fierce underbelly of one of the most inflammatory issues of our time, yes, you guessed it, NAIL SALONS!

Apparently, she went to one that used unsanitary equipment and got an infection. Now she is urging the California Senate (of course) to pass legislation that would force the salons to use clean equipment.

I don't want to undermine the importance of clean manicure equipment, but this is a state that elected the Governator because they were all but bankrupt and had no faith in Gov. Davis. There are quite a few issues out there that need to be dealt with - I seem to remember blackouts scourging the San Jose area a couple years ago - before celebrities' nails get fixed. Buy a home manicure set and don't worry about it. There, I fixed it. I'm ready for my check from the lobbyists.


Bookworm said...

I thought there were requirements in place already demanding clean equipment. But what do I know? My idea of a manicure is to cut my fingernails -- very short -- myself. It's a good thing Paula Abdul is out there speaking for the long-nailed ones among us.

red.hot.mamma! said...

i think you underestimate the importance of nail hygiene, steve, and the gravity of this problem. paula abdul got an infection. AN INFECTION! this most certainly deserves the lawmakers' attention. STAT!

Kirsten said...

At the risk of playing devil's advocate...what if it were your mom (and Steve, your mom and my mom both go to salons to get their nails done) and she got one of the flesh-eating staph infections that are resistant to anitbiotics and she lost a finger or two, you might agree with Paula. However, yes, electricity for the masses is far more important. (And fighting over the term "girly-man" and other insults definitely deserves as much media time.) And yes, comparatively, swimming in Galveston is just as dangerous as getting your nails done. Don't do it if you have any cuts on your hands or feet.