Monday, June 20, 2005

Geena Davis for President

ABC is advertising one of its new shows for the fall, Commander-In-Chief, where Geena Davis plays a VP who takes over the office of the President, thus becoming the first female President. I like the idea, and hope that this is a good show. I fear, however, that it won't be.
Remember back in the mid to late 90s, when Ellen decided to come out of the closet? Suddenly her show, which had been a good sitcom, became all about what it's like to be gay. This is what I'm afraid is going to happen to Commander-In-Chief - the show is going to dote on the fact that it's a woman president, and focus less on a story line itself. That would be a shame.


Michelle said...

It's not that i dislike Geena Davis, but i think of her in "ditzy" type roles......i reckon it will be a flop.

heatherfeather said...

completely unrelated comment:

i took your advice and referred to antelope testicles as avocados.

because people were finding my site while they were googling dirty things.

so, i also deleted your comment because it had the forbidden word. not that i didn't enjoy having a decree, or anything. :-)