Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sequel Me This

Bambi is on TV tonight. Disney's classic motion picture. I don't care for it myself, but my kids love it. They like all Disney movies. And I admit, the art is phenomenal, artists working on miniature cels for months on end just to put something together that would look nice on screen, very impressive.

However, Disney has this weird thing about it. It seems to believe that if one movie was a timeless classic made 50 years ago, then a sequel made now will generate a ton of money, regardless of the story, much like a Vin Diesel movie makes money even though he has no discernable talent. And of course, it makes money.

Here's my problem. The artists that made the first Disney movies were artists. They created classics. These movies are appreciated as much for the animation as they are for the (generally) child-friendly stories. Every time they make a sequel of one of these movies, they tear away at that magic that made the original so special. I don't care what happened to Cinderella after the glass slipper fit, the story was great with "And they lived happily ever after." Same thing goes with Bambi. There's absolutely no reason to make a sequel based on these characters.

Perhaps I'd gripe less about this if the sequels were even marginally watchable, but do you remember anything good about Jungle Book 2? I didn't think so.

Disney, stop it. Keep the good things good. Don't cheapen the stock with watered-down money-grabbers based on the same characters and nothing else.


Michelle said...

Oh i agree. It drives me crazy seeing that happen. When i was growing up, i used to love the "Luv Bug" movies, with Herbie the talking car and Buddy Hackett.
For years they've been trying to remake them, all flops.
Stop it Disney!

Bookworm said...

I've seen the hastily turned out sequels to Aladdin, Cinderella, and Beauty & the Beast (all of which my kids watched with some pleasure), and was appalled at how shoddy they were. They were visually ugly and the plots were charmless. It seems to me that this can only degrade the Disney name.

particleman said...

damn the man! down with capitalism! stop making stuff that serves no purpose but people will nevertheless pay for!

i think the subject of your post could just as easily be applied to many other products of American excess and consumerism, like Britney Spears, for example (her music. and her, kind of).! said...

why all the hating on britney, p-man? are you jealous that k-fed is her babydaddy and not you? don't hate the federletus!

seriously though, you have to admit that the downfall of ms. federspears is quite amusing. i love how she's doing it white trash louisiana trailer park style! some stars fade out and others go out in a blaze of backup dancer inpregnating, cheeto-consuming, red bull pounding, quickie vegas wedding/subsequent annulment followed by an even quicker wedding to a manpri-wearing, rock out with your cock out cap-sporting loser glory.

wow. i know way more about britney spears' decline than i really wanted to admit! i blame us weekly and go fug yourself. and my sick addiction to celebrity gossip fluff (hangs head in shame and crawls away).