Thursday, June 30, 2005


A recent Zogby Poll indicates that President Bush's approval ratings did not improve as a result of his speech the other night. Even more interesting is that 42% of Americans polled said they believe Congress should use its impeachment power if it's proven the President lied about the reasons for invading Iraq.

Here's my problem with the idea of impeachment: it's a horrible thing to put the country through, and at a time when we're split on so many issues, this would just further polarize the masses. The President urged us to look beyond what's happening right now and asked for sacrifice. I don't agree with the invasion of Iraq because I disagree with the rationale. We are there however, and for the run of it, it appears the Iraqi people are going to be better off for it (At least I hope so).

President Clinton should not have been impeached for his acts in the White House; it was something that should have stayed small scale. This is decidedly a more important issue, as it's not about receiving sexual favors, but rather about people dying for what could potentially be a made up reason. This would indicate that if the President did lie, then we should start impeachment proceedings. I personally think that this would be a dangerous attack on the Office at a time when, whether we like him or not, or like what he did or not, we need to support the leader...

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