Thursday, June 16, 2005

A hollywood ending.

This is an example of what I dislike about Hollywood. Apparently there are talks going on concerning a movie deal with the "runaway bride." The woman fakes her own kidnapping, breaking a few laws in the process, and yet she gets to profit from the whole situation. Welcome to America. It's kind of like that stupid family in the 90's who took a shortcut after all the warnings and road closures told them not to and then they got stuck in the snow and lost a few toes due to frostbite. They got a made for tv movie starring Doogie Howser and several million dollars from it.
The secret to success in America isn't hard work and dedication a la Horatio Alger; it's doing something so phenomenally stupid that people are willing to shell out millions of dollars to tell it over and over again.

2 comments:! said...

i was disgusted when i saw that there was going to be an interview with her & her dumbass boyfriend. note to all men (and women, i guess): if your beloved has "crazy eyes," RUN! i've never known a person with crazy eyes that didn't turn out to be, well, crazy. and that runaway bride has the craziest of the crazy eyes.

and seriously, why do they even need to pay her off? didn't they already make a movie about a runaway bride that no one saw? does this crazy woman have exclusive rights over crazy? anyone can come up with a story that's similar. maybe a crazy woman that runs away from her fiance in texas and ends up in connecticut, claiming to be abducted by aliens. c'mon. it's not that hard.

Michelle said...

We had a similar thing happen here a few years back. A young woman faked her own kidnapping, it was all a publicity stunt, the cops made her pay the costs of the search, she was fined also and the media gave her a beating!