Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No EU for now?

bookworm posted the other day that the French rejected the proposed EU constitution. Of course, people who pay more attention to current events than I already knew that, but the Dutch rejected it as well, which is news today, so I'm not that far off!

Like Bookworm, I'm glad they rejected the Constitution, because I see a united Europe as a potential threat in the future. The one thing that the great (pejoratively speaking) leaders wanted was a united Europe, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, et al. They failed through use of force, and it looked like diplomacy might succeed where the sword failed. The problem that a unified Europe poses is that they would immediately become a superpower, and the squabbling between the states would be no different than New Jersey bitching about all the pollution coming from New York, or Ohio's constant complaining about it's inferiority as compared to Michigan. That means that they could concentrate all their resources on external affairs.

Granted, I don't have the knowledge base on European happenings that I do Northeast Asia, I do, however, think that this rejection is a good thing.

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Michelle said...

I'd have to agree there. It's a much more democratic system as is.