Monday, October 03, 2005

How about a side of Ljubjanka Salad?

Two young men in Phnom Penh, Cambodia have opened a cafe known as the Khmer Rouge Experience Cafe. The purpose of the cafeteria is to serve as a reminder of the atrocities suffered by the Cambodian people at the hands of Pol Pot. It's designed to give the diner a glimpse into the world of 1975 Cambodia, complete with music hailing the overthrow of the U.S. backed leader of the time.

This is one of those ideas, I think, that might sound like a good idea, but isn't. While I encourage people to know their history, lest they be subject to it repeating, I don't think I could stomach a reliving of the experience myself. I can appreciate now how horrible it must have been for those who endured it; I don't see what more I could gain from subjecting myself to the situation.


Michelle said...

How absolutely fascinating. I have a friend in Cambodia at the moment, i wonder if he's been yet?
Like yourself, no way could i stomach the food, but i think it would be an experience one would never forget.

Weary Hag said...

I agree. I don't think I would need any reminders of a horror so stuck in our minds. A museum? Perhaps. An eatery? No thank you.