Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quiet Sunday

The wife took the Boy and the Girl to the movies, and the Little Boy is taking a nap. This is a rare opporunity for me to enjoy some quiet time on the weekend and get some studying done.

I heard on the Television this morning on one of those week in review shows a man who insisted that President Bush feels he must spread Democracy to the world. This immediately brought the image of Trotsky to mind, who feld that for Communism to work, all nations had to be Communist, and Stalin, who did everything he could to make the world Communist. Note that I don't suggest Bush is either Trotsky or Stalin, rather, the comparison hopped into my head.

Hockey season started this past week, and the Detroit Red Wings are off to a good start. I'm rather glad they re-signed Pavel Datsyuk, but I think they overpaid for him.

Back to work now, enjoy!

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Gramma said...

Hope you are getting plenty of studying done, my son. I'm getting plenty of nada completed myself. Which is just as it should be on a rainy Sunday afternoon.