Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday History Question

Whose final moments were recorded by an eyewitness as follows: "He behaved with great composure and resolution, saying he thought it the duty of every good Officer, to obey any orders given him by his Commander-in-Chief; and desired the Spectators to be at all times prepared to meet death in whatever shape it might appear?"

Hint - he is often remembered for reportedly making a much more eloquent statement as his final words.

Make your guess, then check here to see if you were right.


English Professor said...

Rats. If I'd thought longer and not been impatient, I think I would have gotten it. But since I should be preparing to introduce my students to the analysis of public discourse tomorrow, I won't be too hard on myself for the error.

Cassie said...

I got it right!
Oh... wait, I was supposed to guess before I looked at the answer. Schucks.