Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My wife says this is the worst joke ever

So, if you have a dog that loves to go for rides in your automobile and gets really, really excited about it, but whenever you start driving, it gets really nervous, and those nerves manifest themselves with extremely potent gas, so potent, in fact, that you believe your dog is making a mess in the back seat, but when you look back there, there's nothing there... would you say you have a Carpet Shampooer?
(A pet in the car that emits sham poo)


Michelle said...

I just don't get that. I mean i get the pooh bit, but the sham???

heatherfeather said...


your wife is a little right.

that's okay, you're in school and under stress. ;)

Bookworm said...

Your wife is a brilliant woman.

Steve said...

When I finished telling her the joke, she laughed and told me it was the worst joke she'd ever heard. I asked why she was laughing if it was so bad, and she told me it was to alleviate the pain.

Cassie said...

I told you this was a horrible joke months ago. Did you listen to me? Did you listen to your intelligent wife? No. You went ahead and posted it on the web. For shame.