Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair

I was in band in high school. I played trumpet and french horn (two years ago, I guess it would have been the freedom horn). As a result, I developed an appreciation for musicals. There's something about actually playing the pieces that seems to stick with you - hence my affinity for "Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night," the "New World Symphony," "Variations on a Korean Folk Song," "1812 Overture," "Messiah" and many more.

But we aren't here to talk about those pieces. We're talking about musicals. By far, I'd have to say the musical I've most enjoyed has been Phantom of the Opera. I saw it in Seattle on 5th Avenue, in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre, and in San Antonio, at the Majestic. Excellent show, and well worth the spectacle.
I've also had the good fortune of seeing "The Man Of La Mancha" on stage at the Olney Theatre in Maryland - which from what I've seen with my research, has been something of a rarity anymore. Though the film version is a bit cheesy (Peter O'Toole actually refers to himself as "Mig-well de Cerv-ant-ees"), it's a great story, and one that I would love the chance to see live again.
Les Mis is another phenomenal piece, which I saw in Dallas. The music on that one, and the scope of the show are astounding. If you ever get the chance, go see it.
I saw Cats in San Jose, and I must confess, I liked it. It's catchy, and good fun. Not only do I like it, but my kids have had their turns at Cats affinity.

On my "want to see" list, I have Chess, which I've heard good things about, Jeckyll and Hyde, and Miss Saigon. If anyone here has seen any of these, or any of the ones I posted above and would like to weigh in, please do so. I love input on this stuff...


heatherfeather said...

phantom - seen it like 6 times. i love it but i don't tell people that, because some of my best friends are opera singers, and they'd shoot me.

la mancha - never sing it but LOVE singing "aldonza" because it makes me feel, er, earthy.

les mis - saw it, loved it, and i pretend i don't cry every time i sing/hear "a little fall of rain"

chess - interesting choice here! that was the musical that closed in 8 performances in london, so they overhauled it for it's US debut, added a new song which i used to perform, and it still flopped. however, it's got great music and i love the cold war/chess metaphor. the finale inthe british version (which is different than t he US version) is AMAZING. go abba and tim rice!

i've heard not much about jekyll and hyde except by and large it's good

saigon - heard it's good, but i never got around to it

cats - confused me (i was 9) until i realized the stories weren't really interrelated.

blood brothers - hard to see staged, get the soundtrack though. i think carole king did the music

the secret garden - yes i'm SUCH a girl, but forgiving what they did to the story, it's a good show with lovely music.

ps i hate my sp ace bar.
pps LKXXJ!!

Steve said...

I forgot to add one to my "want to see" list - Sweeney Todd.
I saw a special about Broadway and they mentioned several musicals over the years, and one that stuck in my head was Sweeney Todd - the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I daresay I might have to go see that one.


Cassie said...

Steve, you forgot to mention "Bye Bye Birdie" the musical you saw several times in Illinois of which I was the star (ok ok I was a chorus girl who was asked to mouth the words but I was in it!)

heatherfeather said...

Sweeny Todd is AMAZING!